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Many data collection sites on I2P track eepsites by polling them. See for example direct.i2p.xyz.

Stats.i2p.xyz collects data on routers using the NetDB database built into I2P.

Here you can find various summaries, averages, and totals for all i2p routers.

New to stats.i2p.xyz? A good place to start is the dashboard.

New to I2P? Go to geti2p.net to learn all about the network. Comments or questions? IRC #i2p-dev or email zzz at mail.i2p.xyz

For development discussion and helpful hints see the zzz forum.

I2P Dashboard

Latest News, Status, Comments, and Ideas

This page is primarily for stats.i2p.xyz news. For general development news and information, go to the development forum at zzz.i2p.xyz.


May 6, 2018 - HTTPS now available for stats.i2p.xyz

stats.i2p.xyz now has an SSL certificate and is availble via https, thanks to the new SSL Wizard in 0.9.34-9. The wizard will be available to all in the 0.9.35 release in June.

To access, users must enable "Allow SSL to I2P addresses" in their HTTP proxy configuration if they are running 0.9.34-8 or lower. The default is changed to enabled in 0.9.34-9.

For information on how to run the SSL Wizard to enable https to your Jetty eepsite, see the zzz.i2p.xyz post.


March 24, 2017 - New EdDSA Destination for stats.i2p.xyz

Wow, first news in almost two years! The network must be running well!

We now have the capability to migrate old DSA-SHA1 sites like this one to EdDSA! stats.i2p.xyz is now available at kqypgjpjwrphnzebod5ev3ts2vtii6e5tntrg4rnfijqc7rypldq.b32.i2p.xyz. Your addressbook will update soon if you are subscribed to stats.i2p.xyz addressbook, and in a few weeks if you aren't. No action is required on your part.


Old News, going back to May 2005


See this plot for a view of new users every week. More charts are available at:

Network Dashboard

Summaries, Averages, Totals for All Routers


The zzz.i2p.xyz development forum

The very old zzz.i2p.xyz

Router trackers on i2p: bigbrother.i2p.xyz

Eepsite trackers on i2p: perv.i2p.xyz, tino, inr.i2p.xyz, who.i2p.xyz, direct.i2p.xyz

Links (use from outside I2P)

Eepsite trackers on i2p: perv.i2p.xyz, tino, who.i2p.xyz


Databases and graphs created with rrdtool and lots of perl and shell scripts.